Supersonic Asteroid 10 Times Faster Than Bullet  To Pass Earth

By Ashish

Photo by MSN

On September 6, a supersonic asteroid will pass Earth at 10 times the speed of a bullet.

Photo by The Jerusalem Post

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Center for Near-Earth Object Studies named the asteroid 2022 QC7.

Photo by Popular Science

According to NASA, the 2022 QC7 is not very large, with a width between 16 to 36 meters.

Photo by New Scientist

2022 QC7 Asteroid Size 

If compared to a Boeing 767 it can be said that half of the Boeing wingspan.

Photo by The Guardian

2022 QC7 Size 

This asteroid is coming towards Earth very fast.

Photo by New Scientist

2022 QC7 Speed 

around 9,10 km per second and 32760 km per hour coming towards the Earth.

Photo by Sky and Telescope

2022 QC7 Asteroid Speed 

The speed of this asteroid is 10 times more than the 5.56X45 mm Bullet of Rifle.

NASA has made it clear that 2022 QC7 will pass 4.6 million miles from Earth, so it has no chance of hitting Earth.

Photo by  Wired UK

2022 QC7 asteroid will hit the earth?