5 Must Watch Tv Shows And Movies In US.

By Ashish

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Today I will introduce you to Netflix, Hulu, Hbo max, Disney Plus streaming sites with some movies and TV shows that must be watched.

The Lord of the Ring: The Rings Of Power is the most expensive TV series in the world. Watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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The Lord of the Ring : The Rings Of Power 

Elvis Presley's life story has been picked up in this movie.

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Elvis Presley Movie

He was one of the fascinating f igures of American pop culture. You can watch this movie on HBO Max.

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The title of Honk For Jesus-Save Your Soul tells you what kind of movie you are getting. Watch this movie on Peacock.

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Honk For Jesus - Save your Soul 

First Times at Ridgemount High is a beloved teen comedy released in 1982. You can stream it from Paramount Plus.

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First Times at Ridgemount High 

Steve Carell is playing prickly, spiky roles in "The Patient" TV series. This TV series can be found on Hulu.

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The Patient