Authorities announced Sunday night that a car containing human remains had been found in a lake in California

not far from the last known location of missing adolescent Kiely Rodni.

Late Sunday afternoon, Andrew Trygg, a spokesman for the Nevada County Sheriff's Office

 stated that investigators were on the scene attempting to identify the vehicle as being driven by Rodni.

Later, the diving team's allegation that a body was within was corroborated by the nearby Placer County Sheriff's Office

 but it was noted that the deceased's identity had not yet been established.

Adventures With Purpose said in a statement that it had discovered a car and remains in the lake.

When asked how it became confident that their discovery is connected to the missing person case, the team did not react right away.

The team reported that it was discovered in 14 feet of water.The discovery, which was found with the use of sonar imaging technology,

 was made within roughly 300 yards of the campground , according to Doug Bishop of Adventures With Purpose