On January 26, 2020, Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash.

Kobe Bryant NBA Player Birth Day

Still cherished and remembered today despite the passage of time.

1. Kobe recorded his first 60+ point game and third-highest total on December 20, 2005. 

1. First 60+ point game

2. In a game against the Houston Rockets that required two overtimes in 2003, Kobe Bryant, then a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, scored 52 points.

3. Kobe broke the MSG scoring record and surpassed MJ's 55 points as he went off for 61 points in New York City at the most prestigious basketball arena in the world.

4. Bryant lit up his Airness and the Washington Wizards with 55 points, including 15 for 29 from the field, 

nine three-pointers, and 16 of 18 free throws, in what was essentially a passing of the torch.

5. Just one month after his 62-point masterpiece against the Mavericks, Bryant tried the unfathomable.

He was second only to the legendary Wilt Chamberlain, who is known for scoring 100 points in 1962, in terms of points ever scored in an NBA game.