Mississippi Tupelo plane pilot threatened to Crash into Walmart

By Ashis

Mississippi Police say the pilot of a small plane threatened to crash into the Walmart store.

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Tupelo plane walmart update

A social media user shared a video on Twitter Saturday of a plane flying erratically over Tupelo.

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Nick Nicholls tweeted a video saying, "Don't know what's going on."

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"This plane has been circling abnormally over Tupelo for the past 45 minutes."

The local newspaper told Tupelo police that the pilot was an employee of the Tupelo Regional Airport.

This aircraft has 9 seats. A 1987 Beech C90A Fixed Wing Multi Engine is installed in the aircraft. The aircraft belongs to Southeast Aviation.

The pilot of the plane called 911 around 8 a.m. to report to Tupelo police that 

He was going to intentionally destroy the Wolmart store on West Main Street.

Tupelo police are advising all citizens to remain vigilant.

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