The results of the election on Tuesday will determine how Florida's high-profile contests, 

including those for governor and seats in the U.S. House and Senate, will play out in November.

Florida's former governor Charlie Crist, 66, or state agriculture commissioner Nikki Fried, 44, will be elected by Florida voters on Tuesday.

The victor will take on Ashley Moody, the current attorney general.

Due to term limits, at least five of the county commission's twelve members will be replaced. Commissioners vote on laws affecting everything from transit to county tax rates.

Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar, a Republican, is the front-runner in the race for the 27th Congressional District seat, and she will either take on state Sen.

Miami-based Democrat Annette Taddeo, TikTok politicians Ken Russell and Angel Montalvo, or Miami Commissioner Ken Taddeo.

The governor has endorsed rules that limit instruction on racism and gender identity and has taken a position in the typically low-profile Miami-Dade races.

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