Rakesh Jhunjhunwala death: What will happen to Akasa Air now?

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala -  "India's Warren Buffett" - was commending the send-off of the lady trip of the country's most up to date carrier Akasa Air on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad area.

Following his sudden demise on Sunday morning, Jhunjhunwala’s words would be resonating in the minds of Akasa CEO Vinay Dube and others on his team

Jhunjhunawala had put $35 million in the LCC for a more than 40% stake. It was one of his last significant speculations as well as something extremely near his heart.

Other market eyewitnesses decided to be wary and said that Jhunjhunwala's dying might put a brief respite on Akasa's desires.

A senior chief with an Indian transporter, again declining to be named, 

"Jhunjhunwala was basic to Akasa as he was a financial backer in the organization, unfamiliar institutional financial backers.

"With him out of the picture, Akasa will be under huge pressure and may end up being an unexpected creature in comparison to what was initially imagined.

NdiGo might be significantly more savage in managing it on areas where it dispatches tasks," said the senior carrier leader.

in the course of his life Jhunjhunwala was only from time to time known to make losing wagers. Thus, any hypothesis on the LCC's destiny may yet end up being unwarranted in the long haul.