Wendy’s E. coli outbreak spreads to New York

Fast food restaurant After US customers say lettuce is to blame for an E. coli outbreak, Wendy's removes lettuce from its sandwiches.

Wendy’s E. coli outbreak Update

In Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, Wendy's sandwiches with romaine lettuce were reportedly consumed by 22 of the 37 afflicted.

The burger restaurant announced that it is removing sandwich lettuce from all of its locations in the area as a safety measure.

Ten people have been hospitalised with the illness, which began between July 26 and August 8; three of those in Michigan have experienced a specific form of kidney failure.

The four states are home to about 1,100 of the 5,940 Wendy's outlets in the United States.

Normally, healthy humans and animals' intestines contain the E. coli bacteria.

Although many strains are safe, some can lead to vomiting, severe stomach cramps, and bloody diarrhoea.

One other individual became ill, according to the CDC, in Indiana. Regarding lettuce on sandwiches in that state, Wendy's was informed.

In a statement, Wendy's said, "As a company, we are committed to keeping our high standards of food safety and quality.